Curad Silver Solution Antimicrobial Gel, .5 Oz.

Angular Cheilitis Treatment

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Curad Silver Solution Antimicrobial Gel, .5 Oz.

  • Long-lasting, broad-spectrum protection against bacteria, fungus and yeast.
  • Infection protection and moisture maintenance for ideal wound management.
  • A moist wound environment may help minimize scarring.
  • This no stain, non-greasy formula does not sting and Lasts up to 3 days!
  • Sold 1 Per Box.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Five Stars

by Jennifer Dautricourt

I was happy to find this product. Silver cures more than people think. Buy this.

Five Stars

by Terry

This is great medication if you have an infection or just to prevent one.

This thing is easy to use and LOUD

by Best product tried

This stuff works great am prone to clelluitis and this can head it off so doesn't; require trip to hospital!